WE are interested in the origin and evolution of invertebrate animals as informed by exceptionally preserved fossils from Paleozoic deposits. Our research brings together specimen-based traditional paleontology and fieldwork, developmental biology of extant organisms, and state of the art imaging and analytical techniques to study the evolutionary history of euarthropods and their close relatives. To find out more about our research please click HERE JOH_favicon

NOSOTROS estamos interesados ​​en el origen y evolución de los animales invertebrados con base en el estudio de fósiles excepcionalmente preservados provenientes de depósitos Paleozoicos. El grupo combina paleontología tradicional, trabajo de campo, biología del desarrollo, y técnicas de imagen y análisis de vanguardia para reconstruir la historia evolutiva de los euartrópodos y sus familiares cercanos. Para conocer más sobre nuestras actividades por favor siga este ENLACE JOH_favicon


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IP lab on the cover of the MCZ Annual report 2020-2021

December 17, 2021
The Museum of Comparative Zoology Annual Report for 2020-2021 is now freely available online HERE, and we are honoured that one of the new species described by the lab is featured in the cover! We first came across Thelxiope holmani during the field excursion to the mid-Cambrian Wheeler Formation as part of NAPC 2019 in Riverside, and have since published an... Read more about IP lab on the cover of the MCZ Annual report 2020-2021

Fezouata starfish featured in PBS Eons

August 24, 2021

Check out the latest installment of PBS Eons addressing the evolution of the earliest echinoderms, more specifically how starfish got their arms! We are particularly excited as the cover artwork, as well as a good chunk of the video, features our recent work on the early Ordovician somasteroid (stem-group asterozoan) Cantabrigiaster fezouataensis, from the Fezouata biota in Morocco. You can check out the original publication in Biology Letters describing this...

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Fossil nervous systems galore

August 18, 2021

The past month has seen the publication of two exciting studies focusing on the preservation and evolutionary significance of fossilized central nervous systems. First, a collaboration with Dr. Russell Bicknell (University of New England) and colleagues, on the discovery of an exceptionally preserved brain in the extinct horseshoe crab Euproops danae from the Carboniferous Mazon Creek deposit in Illinois. The study published in ...

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Dr. Karma Nanglu joins our team

June 12, 2021

We are delighted to wecome Dr. Karma Nanglu as the newest member of the Laboratory for Invertebrate Paleobiology and Evolution. Karma recently completed a prestigious Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution, and completed his PhD at the University of Toronto while working on exceptional soft-bodied fossils and community analyses of the famous Burgess Shale. Karma's ecological knowledge and skillset will play a critical role in our activities studying the early Ordovician Fezouata biota of Morocco and its...

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