WE are interested on the origin and evolution of invertebrate animals as informed by exceptionally preserved fossils from Paleozoic deposits. Our research brings together specimen-based traditional paleontology and fieldwork, developmental biology of extant organisms, and state of the art imaging and analytical techniques to study the evolutionary history of euarthropods and their close relatives. To find out more about our research please click HERE JOH_favicon


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IP Lab goes to NAPC 2019

June 30, 2019

All members of the Invertebrate Paleobiology Lab converged in Riverside, California, for the 11th North American Paleontological Convention organized by Mary Droser and Nigel Hughes from UC Riverside! Our contributions covered the full scope of the lab, including the taphonomy of trilobite limbs preserved in 3D, lobopodian mortichnia-like trace fossils, pancrustacean evolution and phylogeny, the significance of guts in Cambrian euarthropods, and an overview of exceptional biotas from the...

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